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We help individuals gain SKILLS


by identifying and treating the underlying areas causing difficulty

creating the best life for those we serve.

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Parents, Teachers
& Caregivers

We love to educate parents, teachers, and caregivers so they can better understand and support their loved one or student. 


Our clients seek our services so they can enjoy their life and engage in every activity to their highest potential. 

Many of our clients have no diagnosis, but may be struggling with an area of life. We will help identify the underlying areas of difficulty and develop a plan for both in the home and treatment to help them be their best self.  


Some clients already have a diagnosis.

We can help individuals with: 

​Developmental Delay

Learning Diffiuclties

Sensory Processing Disorders

Behavior or Mental Health




Dyslexia/Reading Difficulties

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrom

Feeding Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury

And Many More

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We help toddlers with tasks such as learning to crawl, walk, integrate reflexes and sensory systems.

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We help children engage in tasks to their greatest potential so they can be kids. 


We provide teens the strategies they need to increase their success in the home, school, and community. 


We help adults with sensory processing, visual difficulties, balance, and developmental delay to engage in their daily activities to their fullest potential. 



We will start with an evaluation looking at  
the "whole" person.

We will complete a variety of functional and standardized assessments
to gain a better understanding of the clients strengths and weaknesses. 

Following the evaluation we will schedule a consultation
to discuss the evaluation, ways to utilize strengths, address weaknesses,
and come up with a treatment plan to reach ones goals.

will be geared towards each individual person
and the functional goals they are trying to reach.

Our treatment will address underlying areas such as:

Gross motor, fine motor, bilateral, or oral coordination
Gross, fine, or oral strength
Balance & Body awareness
Primitive Reflexes
Visual motor, perceptual, & eye movement
Breath Control
Executive function such as attention, problem solving,
emotional control, impulse control.
Sensory Integration in areas such as proprioceptive, vestibular, interoception, tactile, visual, auditory, taste,  and olfactory systems.

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Treatment typically takes place at the clinic.

We also offer telehealth,
treatment in private schools,
and occasionally in the patients home based on the clients plan of care and the therapists availability.

Why FUNctional THERAPY

Our therapists focus on providing in depth evaluations and fun treatment sessions allowing  our clients to meet their goals quicker.
Our therapists believe education is the key to our sessions. We strive to educate both the client and family each treatment session. This allows them to understand why and how to implement treatment strategies naturally into ones daily routine
Our clinic offers both occupational therapy and speech therapy. We primarily treat toddlers, children, and teenagers to develop age appropriate skills. We do treat adults struggling with similar areas of concern. Because our clinic is based on education we frequently provide in-services to parents, teachers and caregivers. 
FUNctional Therapy is in-network with medicaid and most insurance companies. 
Check out our                                    for more information. 

Are you questioning if therapy is the right fit?

Reach out to us.

We will take the time to discuss the areas of concern,

see if we are the right fit, or provide other referral sources. 

We would love to hear from you.
Please complete the form below, email, or call us  to see if we are the right fit for your family .

Phone: (502) 458-9978

Fax: (502) 631-9771

Thanks for submitting!


1901 Commonwealth Court Suite B

Louisville, KY 40299


"I can ride on the school bus now with my friends without getting car sick."


“My clothes are now comfortable.”


“It is a relief to watch my son be confident with his school work and get grades he is proud of. ”


"My daughter can safely play with her friends without falling all the time."


“My 2 year old son can now walk!!”


"I love watching my child play with their friends with appropriate social skills."

How we have helped others

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